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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Faith and Freedom: The Moral Case for America


I have great news! You can now get your copy of my book off Amazon and other online outlets!

Why? Let me quote The Spectator.

They explain
The West cannot really survive as the West without a re-energised belief in Christianity. The idea that we can live off Christianity’s moral capital, its ethics and traditions, without believing in it, appeals naturally to conservatives of a certain age. But you cannot inspire the young with a vision which you happily admit arises from beliefs that are fictional and nothing more than long-standing superstition. Christianity is either true, or it’s not much use at all.

These are very good points, but what does it mean in practice? How do we turn Christianity into a living, vibrant moral code in our lives?

That is what my book is about. Faith and Freedom: The Moral Case for America explains how Christian values appear in our Constitution, how they have shaped policies to limit government - and how we can reform America to bring her back in line with her Christian roots. 

If you, like me, believe that Christianity is part of America's greatness, then get your copy today! Be inspired to help revive America as a nation founded on Christian faith.

To Make America Great Again, we must first Make God Great Again. That begins with reminding ourselves of how Christianity defines America.

Don't wait. Get your copy of Faith and Freedom: The Moral Case for America. Get it today.

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