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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Faith and Freedom - My New Book!

Good news! My new book

Faith and Freedom: The Moral Case for America

will soon be available!

Of all my books to date, this is by far the most important one. It is my take on what is unique and special about America. It is my personal take on why our country matters, why there is no other place like The United States of America, and why immigrants like me are drawn here. 

As the title says - Faith and Freedom: The Moral Case for America - this book makes the argument that America is better. I look at how Christianity inspired the Founders as they formulated the Constitution. I compare us to other countries and point to how we stand out as an example of faith, freedom and prosperity.

I look at how Christian faith intersects with the values embedded in our Constitution, how our Founding Fathers were clearly inspired by God when they created our constitutional republic. I discuss how God's word about freedom and personal responsibility are mirrored in our founding documents, and how we can, and must, preserve, protect and perpetuate that unique value foundation.

I refer to the blend between Christianity and our Constitution as American Liberty.

But this would not be my book if it did not also talk about policies and ideologies that threaten the very essence of our country. I explain how I see those threats, how radical social-justice policies are incompatible with, antithetical to, the founding values of our country. I examine the fight between social justice and American liberty and how it plays out in the struggle over property rights, economic redistribution and government spending. 

I explain how the fight to preserve Christian values and our Constitution - American Liberty - runs through policy issues, from judicial activism like the Kelo case to Congressional over-reach like single-payer health care and new entitlements like paid family leave. 

But I do not stop there. I also give examples of how we can reform our country to restore American Liberty. I look at how Christian faith and the moral principles embedded in our Constitution can inform policy reforms and inspire a new era of Faith and Freedom.

The book will soon be available for you to order. Stay tuned!

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