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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Socialism 2020: Pat Buchanan Gets It

What if the Democrats win all across the board in 2020? Short answer: the gates of the Venezuelan Hell will open up right here, right in the middle of the American heartland. Don't believe me? Keep reading.

This morning I had another "see I told you so" moment. But the fact that I was right again only made me sick to my stomach. I didn't want to be right about this one, but since I am, all I can do is forge ahead and continue my work.

My moment came when I read Pat Buchanan's latest piece about America's imminent socialist future.

Buchanan gets it. He gets what most conservatives still don't want to see. But the scariest part of it all: not even Buchanan sees the whole picture.

In this blog article I add the remaining piece, and when you have the whole picture it is going to make you sick to your stomach, too. But if you love America as much as I do, you should continue reading. And when you've read it, get out there, get active, support Trump's re-election in whatever way you can.

If you are a never-Trumper, this is the day to ask yourself: do you hate Trump more than you love America?

All winter I have been warning about how the new, radical crop of Democrats, politically born and raised by the Bernie Sanders movement, precipitate the beginning of America's Venezuela. Now Buchanan lays out a similar vision, and he does it by asking, bluntly:
And what would then happen if the Democrats simply held the House, added three Senate seats and defeated Trump in 2020?
Yes. That's it. That's all it takes for the beginning of America's Venezuela. Buchanan explains candidly and correctly what this means. There is just one aspect - a crucial one - that he leaves out. I will get to that; first, here is Buchanan's frighteningly accurate vision for what your life is going to be like five years from now:
An all-out effort to abolish the Electoral College that is integral to the historic compromise that created our federal Union. Puerto Rico and D.C. would become states, giving Democrats four more Senators and making America a bilingual nation. A drive would be on to give 16-year-olds and convicted felons the right to vote in federal elections, freezing Republicans out of power forever. A packing of the Supreme Court would begin by raising by six the number of justices and elevating liberal activists to the new seats.
And don't laugh and say "this can't happen". These are not your dad's Democrats. They will rewrite the constitution whichever way they want to. They will use executive orders and whatever else they need to, in order to establish their new country within our borders. You can say "we will fight in the courts" all day long - they will laugh all day long while re-configuring the Supreme Court to their liking. 

Just like Franklin Roosevelt threatened to do. It would render meaningless whatever is left of the U.S. Constitution.

And don't think that a post-2020 Republican party will be a force to be reckoned with. Why? That' the piece of this puzzle I will get back to in a bit. First, let's listen to more of what Buchanan has to say:
On the southern border, where 100,000 illegal migrants were apprehended in March, Trump’s wall would come down, all peoples fleeing repression in Central America would be welcomed into the U.S., sanctuary cities would become the norm, and ICE would be abolished. Open borders would be a reality, along with amnesty for the 12 million-20 million people here illegally, with a path to citizenship for all. It is impossible to see how the U.S. border would ever be secured.
One of the many catastrophic consequences of this would be the transformation of Texas. Now a thriving economic machine, the Lone Star State would become the next California.

Then Buchanan points to the economic side of our socialist future:
The Green New Deal would be enacted. Medicare for all. Free tuition for college students. Millennial college debts paid off by the government. Free pre-K schooling and day care. Guaranteed jobs for all. A guaranteed living wage. Repeal of the Reagan and Trump tax cuts. A re-raising of the corporate rate and a return of the top rate for individuals to 70 percent. New wealth taxes on the rich.
And then some. Pre-K would not just be universal, and not just tax-paid, but it would be mandatory. If you fail to send your kid to a pre-K run by government, you will get a visit from Child Protective Services. And that will be the last you see of your kid.

But how would they pay for all this? That's already planned for. The taxes are only part of their plan, and an increasingly irrelevant part. I have warned about Modern Monetary Theory before. Now Buchanan has seen the threat:  
Under “modern monetary theory,” currency is a public monopoly for the government, and unemployment is evidence that the monopoly is choking off the needed supply. So print the money necessary to get to rising wages, full employment and a booming economy.
Monetarily speaking, this is how the Soviet empire operated. It is how Cuba has "functioned" - and it is exactly what they did in Venezuela. When government does not have enough money for what it wants to do, it just prints it.

This, of course, plunged Venezuela into almost unimaginable inflation: imagine a can of soda that cost $1 on January 1, 2018 would cost $1,000,000 on January 1, 2019. However, long before they reached those levels of inflation they were struggling with price hikes of 40-50 percent per year. Monetary inflation is, namely, like a ketchup bottle: when you open it (when you start printing money) nothing happens; then nothing happens; then a little bit. Then all of it. 

Once you get there, you're done for. There is no way back.

By the time we hit hyper-inflation under modern monetary theory, our economy will have been in complete free-fall for a few years already. Following a condensed Venezuelan track (a reasonable forecast given the arrogance and the fervor of the Democrat left) we would hit hyper-inflation some time around 2024. 

If they go all-out with their welfare-state agenda; if they want to provide all benefits to tens of millions of illegal immigrants; if they want to use the monetary printing presses to fund another $4-5 trillion of annual government spending - in today's prices - they will first tax the economy into a depression. Then, once they have destroyed the tax base, they will use the monetary printing presses to rapidly plunge us into an inflationary tailspin. And I am not talking the 20-30 percent that constitutes a crisis. I am talking thousands of percent in inflation.

Buchanan is correct in putting this future so very close to us, both in time and in terms of shift in political power. Three senate seats and the White House. That's all it will take. 

However, as mentioned there is one ingredient he does not take into account: the weakness of the Republican party. The GOP has been complicit in laying the groundwork for this radical left. Under their neoconservative banner they have moved their own political needle so far to the left that it has become impossible to tell them apart from the Democrats.

Following the trend in European politics, where conservatives followed the left in their footsteps, it was only a matter of time before the left started distinguishing itself from the Republicans. The only way they could was to go all-out socialist. Which they have now done.

What is left of the Republican party is a hapless leadership without ability to fight this radicalism. Already when Liz Cheney was elected conference chair of the House GOP I asked if she was capable of doing it. So far I have seen small glimmers of hope that she might understand what it takes - and all three components are equally necessary:

  • Expose the socialist agenda not for being socialist per se, but for its devastating consequences;
  • Present your alternative at every turn; and
  • Always explain how that alternative is better for the middle class than dependency on government.

There is not a whole lot of this coming out of the Republican party and Liz Cheney, but I am at least beginning to see a little bit of it. However, she and the party have a long, long way to go before they can save us in 2020. There are two reasons for this, one being that the neoconservative vision of America is one of the same welfare state that the left wants, only run more efficiently (which is not possible, as I will explain in a coming article). This vision impairs the ability of the Republicans to correctly analyze and understand the consequences of the Democrat socialist agenda - and even more so, prevents them from designing a meaningful alternative. 

If they can part with their neoconservatism, then more power to them. If not, then God help us all.

The second reason is that the Republican leadership only understands one existential threat to America: that of war. They are correct in that, and we all owe Liz Cheney a thank you for her fight to restore military spending. However, it is now time - past time in fact - to move over to the next existential threat to our country, namely the ideological venom called socialism. That venom is not defeated by label throwing - calling someone a socialist is as effective in today's political climate as a newspaper is as an umbrella - but by consistently, frequently and unrelentingly abiding by the three points I just made. 

If the GOP starts doing that, we still have a chance. If you help spread the word about the grave threat of a socialist takeover in 2020, we have a bit more of a chance. 

If you get active and support president Trump's re-election, we can move yet a little bit closer to saving our country. I, personally, am lukewarm to Trump, but he is the only alternative to the scenario that Pat Buchanan laid out. 

Trump could be the beginning of a re-birth of America - or our country's own Rafael Caldera

It is our responsibility to save America. Not anyone else's. What will you do?

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